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Hi, I’m Serena.

I’m a women’s holistic wellness guide and I’m here to lead you to a deeper sense of serenity and wellbeing. Take a breath, switch off your autopilot, and let’s focus on rekindling self love and reclaiming your power. The body-mind connection is our key, and with it, we will restore balance into your life - revitalising your energy and replenishing your spirit - through healing touch reflexology, transformational coaching, guided meditation and much more....

I offer in person sessions (for Londoners) or online.


Holistic Health Blog

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Working with Serena has been really eye-opening.
A combination of holding the space for you to -be-, and offering help
and support where necessary. I feel hugely grateful for her insights and
attention to detail, and utter compassion

— Freya


Personalised, just for you.
So you can restore, revitalise & replenish