Incredible Raw Food at Nama, London

Nama, London

Daikon Ravioli with Nut Cheese -(slices of marinated daikon, probiotic sesame, mushroom and spinach cheese, fig puree and Asian cabbage salad)

Daikon Ravioli with Nut Cheese
Raw Vegan Ravioli

The Green Pizza (- courgette and walnut base, kale mix, avocado cream and caper berries

Green Pizza at Nama
Raw Green Pizza

Thai Coconut Curry (- cauliflower, courgette, red pepper and leek marinated in a sweet chilli sauce, served with a coconut curry, kohlrabi rice and pickled fennel).

Raw Thai Coconut Curry
Raw Thai Coconut Curry
Vegan Thai Curry at Nama

Pudding was a yummy selection of sweet treats.

Sweet Treats at Nama
Raw Puddings at Nama
Raw Vegan Desserts

110 Talbot Road
London W11 1JR
+ 44 207 313 4638