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 Slow down
& reconnect



If you are ready to transform, to dive deeply into the struggles you’re facing and to create the life you dream of, then you’re in the right place. When we are stressed and overwhelmed, holding deep rooted limiting beliefs and succumbing to negative self-talk it is easy to treat ourselves with less than the love and compassion we deserve. Stop giving all your time and energy away to others - it is time to love yourself and live to your fullest potential!




There is nothing more rejuvenating - mentally, physically and energetically - than reflexology! Each session will provide support for whatever you are moving through, aiding the body’s innate healing processes and offering you the space to unwind completely. We will harness the power of reflexology to boost and maintain your optimum wellbeing.

This is the perfect antidote to our overly busy modern lives!




Combining the physical and the emotional we will work the mind-body connection to bring about profound changes to your health and happiness. Within the safe space of our sessions we will unravel what is currently challenging you and find exciting ways for you to move forwards and empower yourself. Each session will include reflexology treatment tailored to your specific needs that day. 

My sessions with Serena are the perfect tonic when I feel stressed and overwhelmed - nothing leaves me feeling calmer or more grounded. I love her holistic approach and the wonderfully supportive energy she brings. Can’t recommend her more!
— Minnie


Transformational Coaching


Coaching is a wonderful tool to help you come back to yourself and to reclaim your power! It is a talking based holistic therapy which helps you challenge limiting beliefs and notice how they are holding you back. It will help you gather resources for managing stress and low mood, whilst building a more positive mindset, boosting confidence and self esteem.

Through our work together we will create clarity, motivation and purpose in your life so that you can make positive changes for your happiness and health, as well as addressing issues within your relationships and realising how to move through them.





Reflexology is an acupressure therapy performed on the feet. It is thought that the feet contain a mini map of the body, and that by stimulating and applying pressure to certain areas in the feet, a healing response can be prompted within the body.
Not only is a treatment deeply relaxing, it has numerous benefits; most notably improved mood, increased energy and more restful sleep.

With stress being so prevalent in our active urban lives, reflexology is a wonderful way to unwind, calm a busy mind and tap into the body’s innate healing wisdom.


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