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I can support you if you're ready to dive deep into a journey of self discovery; to dismantle the beliefs and stories that are holding you back and create space to invite in joy, gratitude, fulfilment, love, abundance and confidence. In doing so you can restore balance to your lives, ignite your self-worth and become the best possible version of yourself.

1-1 Self-Worth Coaching

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A one of a kind 2 week journey for those who are ready to upgrade their mindset and empower themselves to take their happiness into their own hands.
You deserve the deeply embodied gratitude, inner calm and soulful self-support that you crave - it is time for you to step up and claim it! And I’m here to guide you through the first steps, to help you ignite your beautiful inner spark….


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An 8 week online group coaching programme to help you realise and reach your fullest potential, and invite in joy, love, positivity, abundance and confidence along the way.
We’ll dig deep and get to the bottom of what it is that is holding you back so that you can grow and thrive, helping you to adore all aspects of yourself and rekindling your love for life.



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Let go of feeling selfish or indulgent around prioritising yourself


silence your inner critic and treat yourself with compassion


Swap Self-doubt and anxiety for calm confidence

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After years of trying various types of therapy it was so refreshing to be coached by Serena. She created a beautiful, safe space for me to open up... She has a wonderful, positive, compassionate approach; she helps me to identify the causative thought and behavioural patterns, then supports me to find my own ways to change my mindset and actions. I’m so grateful to her, my life has changed immeasurably - Serena is an absolute gem and I cannot recommend her highly enough!


I can’t thank Serena enough for her help and guidance. I thought I had a good level of awareness, but Serena opened my eyes to so many different aspects of myself. I left every session feeling uplifted and empowered to move closer to my dream life and best self. Serena is relatable, calming and honest and her coaching has genuinely changed my life. I had so many breakthroughs! I am so grateful I made the jump!


What an unbelievably transformative process. Serena holds a magical space, enabling the course members to grow and express freely. It’s been truly inspirational and empowering, connecting and sharing with beautiful like-minded people. I will be forever grateful for signing up and saying yes.