empowering you to 

swap self-doubt & anxiety for calm confidence & self-compassion

You might not believe it right now, but you deserve to prioritise your happiness, to live life from a place of self-belief and to feel  empowered, energised, joyful and calmly confident every single day.

Together we will restore balance into your life - reconnecting you to your true self, making self-compassion your default mode and waving goodbye to worry for good.  

I am here to remind you how deeply worthy and wonderful you are.



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Hypnotherapy uses focussed attention to create fundamental shifts in the subconscious mind; breaking down limiting beliefs and introducing more positive and supportive ways of thinking. By bypassing the logical, rational (and often very noisy!) part of your mind, impactful and long-lasting changes can be implemented quickly and efficiently. 

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

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Using gentle massage techniques and specifically applied pressure to the feet, reflexology aids the body’s innate healing processes and offers you the space to unwind completely. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs; restoring, revitalising and replenishing your energy.
*Only available in London

Reflexology & Pregnancy Reflexology

My mission in life is to help prevent as many people as possible from feeling as lost, directionless and disconnected as I once did.


Serena helped me find clarity and enabled me to truly live more abundantly in a time when I was struggling more than I ever had before. Her incredible ability to give each of us the confidence to believe in our own strength was honestly amazing.


From the very first moment I met Serena my life has been transformed. Her calming and nonjudgmental presence has given me a safe place to begin the work on myself that I had long been neglecting. She has not only given me a circle of sisters for life but has given me tools that I hope to continue utilising moving forward in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


It has been genuinely life changing... After our first session I felt strong enough to make a major change that I had been struggling to make for months (if not years) and I have not looked back. Serena has a wonderful, gentle and non-judgemental coaching style... If you are looking to make change or to rebalance your life, I would thoroughly recommend Serena as a coach.