"My sessions with Serena are the perfect tonic when I feel stressed and overwhelmed - nothing leaves me feeling calmer or more grounded. I love her holistic approach and the wonderfully supportive energy she brings. Can’t recommend her more!"

Ahead of conception reflexology can reduce stress and boost general wellbeing.

The calming effects can soothe pre-birth anxieties, promote restful sleep, release tension and relieve aching feet.

Reflexology can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy and postpartum to bring balance to mind, body and soul.

Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology can help relieve stress, calm the mind and improve overall wellbeing.

Benefits include improved mood, increased energy and more restful sleep.

Reflexology aids the body’s innate healing processes and offers you the space to unwind completely. 


Reflexology is the perfect antidote to Your overly busy modern life...

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Discounted Reflexology
 for Baby Loss

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Throughout the many emotional and physical ups and downs of pregnancy Serena and her reflexology treatment have been a non-negotiable part of my self-care routine. As someone who finds it notoriously difficult to switch off I was so happy to discover that reflexology actually gets me out of my head and allows me to forget my to do list for one precious hour. The best bit is being able to receive Serena’s magical treatment in the comfort of my own home (and bed) so I get to stay in my pjs and enjoy the blissful post-reflexology feeling for even longer.


My sessions with Serena have been totally amazing, each session left me feeling refreshed and re-energised. I loved our weekly sessions and definitely felt more balanced afterwards. I also noticed that my quality of sleep was always so much better after I had seen her. Most of all, it was my favourite hour of the week when I could relax and take time for myself. She is golden!!


I have had many massages in my life and can safely say that I have stopped all these in favour of the amazing reflexology massage that Serena does. Not only does it help my running performance, but I feel so relaxed, at peace and calm in myself. Her nature is one of such positivity and calm that one cannot help absorbing this energy and I feel very special each time I have one. A beautiful experience each and every time, can not recommend enough.


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Have questions?

What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is an acupressure therapy performed on the feet. It is thought that the feet contain a mini map of the body and that by stimulating and applying gentle pressure to certain areas in the feet, a healing response can be prompted within the body.

What will happen in my session?


In your first session I will take a detailed medical history and we'll discuss any current issues you're facing, plus what you're hoping to gain from the session. Each session will then be tailored to your specific needs.

You will need to remove your socks and roll your trousers up to the knee. Reflexology uses gentle massage and specifically applied pressure to certain areas of the feet. It is deeply relaxing and many people drift off into a meditative state during their treatment.

How many treatments will I need?


This totally depends on what you're receiving treatment for.  A one off session is a lovely way to unwind and treat yourself. Monthly sessions are brilliant for managing stress and maintaining wellbeing. Weekly/fortnightly sessions are preferable if working with a specific condition. If you're unsure then get in touch and we can discuss what will be best for you specifically. 

Reflexology Pricing

Appointments at my Thursday clinic
in Shoreditch:

Foot and pregnancy reflexology home visits
 in London :

Foot, facial or pregnancy reflexology ~ £70
Zone face lift massage ~ £80

Prices start at £70 (location dependent)
Discounts available for blocks of 4 sessions

To enquire about home visit pricing or to book a session please get in touch.

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