I'm ready to thrive!

It's time to step away from self-doubt for good. To create a life that lights you up and know that you deserve it! To find the confidence to express your truth. To go from surviving to thriving. Because you are worthy of love, joy, confidence and deep connection, even if you don’t yet believe it yourself.

This is for you if:
✷ You’re living your life on autopilot and to find more joy, pleasure and courage
✷  On paper your life looks great but inside you don’t feel fulfilled
✷ You give all your energy away and struggle to prioritise yourself
✷ You 're feeling lost, directionless and disconnected

an 8 week transformational journey 

Are you ready to Thrive?


stop comparing yourself and feel really grounded and comfortable in who you are


truly know your worth and believe in yourself and your abilities


Silence the negative voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough

Imagine if you could...

You don't want to feel happier, more confident and more expansive

You're happy to keep listening to your nasty inner critic

You don't want to be part of an incredible, supportive, like-minded community

You want an overnight fix and aren't willing to put in some effort

This isn't for you if...

You want to stop people pleasing and set the healthy boundaries you deserve 

You have lost sight of who you are, what you enjoy and what you want to achieve

You're inner critic holds you back and stops you from following your dreams

You're exhausted and drained from giving all your time and energy away 

This is for you if...

what's included

☾ 8 x 90 minute LIVE group coaching calls with Serena (value £1000)
☾ 8 x workbooks to help you integrate your transformational learnings between calls (value £500)
☾ Powerful tools, practices and exercises to support you along the journey (value £300)
☾ Loving private Facebook group to connect you with other wonder women in the group (value £400)
☾ Endless accountability and encouragement from your new group of soul sisters (Priceless)
☾ Voxer support from me and the group (Priceless)
☾ 5 x BONUS guided meditation recordings (value £200)


One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself was booking this course – it was so lovely to learn, connect and share with other beautiful women every week, whilst growing so much in the process. The information and tools I learnt have given me confidence to deal with life as it comes, and I know I will go back to them to help me to rebalance and check in with myself in the future. Couldn’t recommend this course more to anyone who is looking to learn about themselves in the best way possible!


Thrive was one of the best decisions I have made. Serena created a wonderfully safe space for women to share, be  vulnerable, recognise our own limiting beliefs and build a more abundant perspective on life. Serena is an incredible coach; positive, kind, professional, funny, inspiring and empathetic. Thrive helped me find myself again at a very difficult time in my life. I now have a stronger sense of self-worth, a deeper sense of gratitude, some new friends and an amazing toolkit of strategies to continue to thrive.


The sessions were highlights of my week, when I could slow down, connect with myself and the group, and reflect on what's been holding me back and what I can do to move forwards with fresh energy. On this journey I've learned to better prioritise my needs, joy, and creativity, and overall feel more free to express myself and more trusting of myself and the universe! Very grateful to Serena for her guidance and for supporting women to see themselves as the powerful beings they are! 


By connecting to your body you will break through the layers of emotional baggage that are weighing you down, shedding old resentments, finding lightness and energetically clearing space to make way for everything to come.

Forgiveness + Letting Go

Week ONE

Week two

Authenticity + Alignment

Next you will be cultivating self-awareness, getting to know yourself better than ever before and recognising what matters most to you so that you can bring all aspects of your life into alignment. Stop surviving and start thriving!

This week is for slowing down and giving yourself full, loving permission to just be. By bringing focus to all the reasons why you insist on living life at full speed, you’ll learn to nurture and nourish yourself in a compassionate way, and bring more joy and pleasure to your daily life.

Slowing Down + Self-Care

Week three

Week Four

Self-Talk + Self-Worth

It is time to rid yourself of self doubt by silencing the inner critic - that negative voice in your head that constantly puts you down. You will learn to accept and respect yourself exactly as you are, so that you are overflowing with self appreciation and able to support yourself as you would your best friend.

Connection + Comparison

Week five

Giving + Receiving

You will overhaul the way you relate to others, learn to receive graciously in the way you truly deserve to and integrate the divine masculine and feminine energies within each of you. This brings an undiscovered level of balance to your life and relationships.

You will release the insecurities that drive you to comparison by tapping into your vulnerability, bringing gratitude to all that you have and learning to love yourself, quirks and all. Start seeing sisterhood as a collaborative and connective support network rather than competition.

Week six

Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries is the ultimate act of self-love. You will uncover the confidence to voice your needs, setting precious boundaries to help conserve your time and energy, dropping people pleasing habits whilst remaining kind and supportive to the people in your life.

People Pleasing + Boundaries

Week seven

Week eight

Purpose + Direction

In this final week you’ll integrate everything you’ve learned, discover the tools needed to manifest the future of your dreams, and realise you can be whoever you want to be! It is all about stepping into your fullest potential and empowering yourself to really thrive and be magnetic.

I'm in!

This sounds amazing - I am ready to Thrive

Have questions?

What do I need to know about the course?


The course starts on 13th October 2021. The live coaching calls are at 6pm every Wednesday. Between calls you will have access to support from Serena and the other participants via the private Facebook group  and group chat on Voxer. Each week there will be a workbook of tools and practices to work through in your own time. 
*Call times are subject to change

What is the time commitment?


Outside of the weekly call, it is up to you how much time you dedicate to the course material. We all have different responsibilities and commitments so you are welcome to fit the course into your schedule however you can. That said, the more you give, the more you will get back. For best results it is good to dedicate around 20-30 minutes a day to your practices.
You will have access to the materials for a year so these can be revisited at any time in the future - often people discover more and travel deeper each time they work back through, as is the nature of personal development.

Does it matter if I’m not in the UK?


Not at all! The coaching calls take place via Zoom so can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

What if I can’t make all the live calls?


Don't worry - all the sessions are recording so you're free to catch up in your own time.

What is the investment?


The investment is £500 - this is the lowest the investment will ever be. The course is worth over £2500, but I want it to be as accessible as possible so payment plans are available (4 x monthly payments of £125 or 2 x monthly payments of £250). Investing in yourself can be scary AF especially when you’re struggling with self worth, but your happiness is priceless so time, money and energy invested in yourself is the most valuable investment you’ll ever make. 







the investment

I'm ready!